“Hi! Remember me?”: Tips for staying in touch with clients in tough times

“Hi! Remember me?”: Tips for staying in touch with clients in tough times

In these roller coaster days, it can be hard to know how to sell (never mind what, when, or to who).  But no matter where we are on the roller coaster ride, it’s crucial that you keep engaging with your clients. Yes, I know I’ve said this before and will probably reiterate it again.

Now is probably not the time for the hard sell. Instead, remind your clients (and potential clients) that you are there for them now and will be in future. It’s a time to get them to dream about that trip, any trip, and picture themselves there. And the good news is that this is easily doable through social media.

Some ideas that quickly come to mind …

  • Social media: share your blog, website, FB or Insta pages and keep them updated at least two to three times a week. The key here is to be consistent: if you choose to post an entry to your blog on Tuesday and Friday, be sure that you keep to that pattern.
  • Send them articles about future trips they have planned or places they have told you are on their wish list. You can include things like recipes, tourist board insights, photography, etc.
  • Send everyone a personalized New Year card – even if we’re mid-January, they’re always welcome. Who doesn’t love receiving snail-mail?
  • Send your best clients a box of chocolates to coincide with Valentine’s Day and ask for referrals (one for you, one for them!)

The consensus in the industry is that when “all this” settles down, your clients will be looking more than ever before for the security of dealing with a travel advisor. You just want to be sure that when that time comes, you are the first (and only!) one they turn to!

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