Here’s how to find your own ‘Milestone Moments’ amid the recovery

Here’s how to find your own ‘Milestone Moments’ amid the recovery

We all celebrate milestones: engagements, marriages, anniversaries, baby showers, graduations, birthdays and more.

April is a special month for Independent by Flight Centre as it is a milestone one for us!

Fourteen years ago, we welcomed our first Independent Contractor onboard as we launched our host agency division in Canada. We are so proud that many of those original Indies are still part of our community and feel privileged to have welcomed so many more over the years looking to build a successful travel business backed by one of the most recognized global travel brands.

In recent years, the pandemic has taken a huge toll on the travel industry, one that not all were able to weather so we think being a brand (IFC) with over a decade of success in Canada, in addition to being part of an organization (FCTG) that has thrived in travel for 40 years, is a reason to celebrate.

We are seeing a pattern of people’s mindsets shift where ‘milestones’ are concerned. Travellers have often waited for typical ‘big milestones’ to plan a once-in-a-lifetime trip or big getaway, but our Independent Contractors have shared they see that trend changing.

Clients look to celebrate ANY milestone looking to make up for lost time as they embrace the ‘today is someday’ mentality and our Indies are all too happy to help them with this.

As their trusted travel advisor, you hold the relationship with your clients, you know them, and they trust you. Use that knowledge to make their trip unforgettable by showing them the benefits of booking with you.

Draw on your expertise and connections to surprise them with a welcome present to their hotel room or cruise cabin or with a personalized note from you that reinforces the relationship you have built with them. Stuck for ideas? How about: “No binge-watching Netflix this week, enjoy your well-deserved holiday!” “Make the most of your first kid-free week in two years!” “Beach, Pool, Cerveza, Repeat!”

If the past two years have taught us anything, it is that we need to find joy whenever we can. Appreciate each moment we have and that we still have so many more memories to make with our families and friends. We do not need to wait until a 25th anniversary to celebrate or a 40th birthday to plan that getaway.

While our agents have been busy planning clients’ travel celebrations, Independent by Flight Centre has been encouraging them and we encourage you to find moments to celebrate in your business…

#1: you are still here and booking! Celebrate!

Your first cruise booking in two years? Celebrate!

Your first international flight booking since the pandemic began? Celebrate!

A week with no schedule changes? Celebrate!

Picked up 10 new followers on your business socials? Celebrate!

Put finding a ‘Milestone Moment’ on your weekly to-do list and make it a priority to find a positive achievement in your business to celebrate and remember there is no success too small to celebrate.

We know the next few months will still see peaks and valleys as we rebound so celebrating your hard-earned wins is important.

At the time it can seem like a small thing but recognizing those accomplishments in your business is important as is acknowledging what a testament it is to you that you have survived and now are starting to thrive again.

When you look back on this time each of those milestones will serve as a reminder to you as to how resilient, determined, and strong you are.

We will be taking every opportunity to celebrate each success our Independent Agents have with them. If we can share one piece of advice with you, as you help your clients plan their holidays, take a moment to find YOUR milestone moment and celebrate yourself.

You deserve it, more than that, you have earned it.

Heather Baker