Here are 3 New Year’s resolutions that are realistic

Here are 3 New Year’s resolutions that are realistic

Even in times of COVID, there are rituals that come with being human. They include over-indulgence during the festive season…and the promise to never do that again. Plus of course the classic: New Year’s resolutions.

Part of the problem with resolutions is that, being human, we tend to get a bit unrealistic: “Lose 25 pounds!” “Learn Italian!” “Walk 10,000 steps every single day!” Which means that all too often we (including me, I hasten to add) simply can’t keep up and before the end of January those resolutions are toast.

So, from what I’ve read (and learned), the answer is to keep the resolutions simple, realistic and achievable. What can travel advisors try that hits all of those benchmarks – and even provide a boost to their career?

1. Become a specialist. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my career, both here at Direct/Vision Travel and when I worked at Virtuoso, it’s that agents who specialize truly succeed. They use their time more efficiently, they get more referrals (from all over the world), and they make more money. That right there is a pretty good resolution!

2. Keep learning. There are literally hundreds of webinars available from tourist boards, tour operators, cruise lines, travel experts, and more. Carve out one to two hours a week during which you’ll focus on your own professional development. Be sure to add it to your calendar – and stick to it.

3. Thank suppliers. Yes, we advisors have had a rough go of it during COVID, but spare a thought for your favourite partners. They have been as adversely impacted as us by the rollercoaster of protocols and closures. Most of them agree that when we are past this challenge, travel advisors will be more important than ever before and they’ll be relying on us to fill rooms, staterooms, and airplane seats. When one of them goes the extra mile for you, please be sure to thank them. (And let their boss know how helpful they have been.) A little kindness, as we have all learned over the past two years, goes a very long way.

Most importantly, make a plan and start small. Don’t assume you’ll master your specialty in a month, feel confident selling something new with the first client, send all your thank-you notes in two days, or even lose 25 pounds in two months. Take the time (however long it takes), don’t give up, and be sure to acknowledge your successes no matter how big or small – you deserve it!

Here’s to a happy, successful 2022!

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