Travel Resolutions

Forget New Year’s: how about a summer resolution? Making the most of the downtime

Travel Resolutions

There’s an old saying about ‘the cobbler’s children going barefoot’. And ironically home-based agents can get so caught up in their daily work lives that they don’t make the time to travel.

Why not promise yourself that this summer you will get out and experience what you’re selling?

When was the last time you went through airport security? Have you tried the new pay-as-you-go airport lounges? That new class of seating on your favourite carrier?

It’s no surprise that a client’s ears prick up when you can say “I just got back from so-and-so and….”

Think of the sectors of our business which suffer from stereotypes: “Coach trips are too rushed.” “River cruising is for people in their 70s.” “Active holidays are for guys in their 20s.” Nothing will blow the cobwebs off those misconceptions faster than an agent who has just experienced the product.

This is even more important if you are into niche marketing. What a wonderful way to get caught up on the latest trends in destination weddings or golf travel!

We all got into this business because we love travel. Why not do yourself a favour and become your own client this summer?