Five reasons for non-cruisers to consider a river cruise

Five reasons for non-cruisers to consider a river cruise

All cruises are not created equal, as I recently discovered on my first ever river cruise along the Danube River in Europe. And I learned that comparing ocean cruising to river cruising is like comparing apples to, well, dragon fruit.

For those who want to be entertained onboard with lavish theatre productions, water parks and casinos – and have multiple dining options to choose from – then a river cruise may not be the best fit.

Personally, I prefer the personal touch of a river cruise – and I prefer to spend just as much time off the ship as on it, which a river cruiser allows you to do. It also allows for more independent exploration of a destination (even by bicycle).

Last month I had a chance to check out two ships – the four-star Emerald Sun and five-star all-inclusive Scenic Opal – as we cruised along the Danube (the full itinerary travels from Nuremberg, Germany, to Budapest, Hungary.

Here are five reasons for non-cruisers (or those looking for a new cruising option) to consider a river cruise:

Five reasons for non-cruisers to consider a river cruise

1. River cruisers are much smaller than ocean cruisers, allowing them to easily navigate inland waterways – taking you to places that ocean cruisers can’t go. It also means there are fewer people onboard, making for a more intimate, personalized experience. Emerald ships, for example, offer 92 staterooms and suites, with a capacity for 182 guests, while Scenic ships offer 69 staterooms and suites for 169 guests.

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