Extra services = more revenue + more loyalty

Extra services = more revenue + more loyalty

Extra services = more revenue + more loyalty

Lucky us: our industry is peppered with income-generating opportunities. Are you taking advantage of all of them?

Let’s say you have clients who wish to travel to Paris for a week to celebrate a wedding anniversary. They think all they need is air plus hotel, but imagine all you can add to make it a seamless and unforgettable experience.

Here are some extras you can build in:

  • Advance seat selection. Maybe business class isn’t in the budget for this trip, but an exit row seat can make all the difference.
  • Airport transfers both here and in destination. There’s nothing more special than starting off a trip with a private transfer to the airport … nor arriving in destination to see someone holding a sign with your name on it as you, bleary-eyed from that long flight, come out of the customs hall.
  • Private tours. From shopping to wine, history to literature, Paris – and almost every other city in the world – is perfect for a private tour based on your clients’ interests. It’s easy to find guides, too (and ask your colleagues for recommendations).
  • Tickets to events. Are they sports fans? Opera buffs? Build in an event or two and their vacation will start to take shape.
  • Sports outings. You know your clients are keen golfers. Why not offer to set up a tee time at a Paris course (won’t that make for great cocktail chatter when they get home)? Or maybe a guided run or bike ride will be the highlight of their trip.

When you present that final day-by-day itinerary, full of thoughtful planning and personalized ideas, your clients are sure to be knocked out. The fact that you can earn commission or mark up each component adds to your income too!

Lynda Sinclair, CTM, is the Senior Vice-President – Leisure at Vision Travel Solutions, which has an ever-expanding and vibrant program for independent agents. With over 30 years in the Canadian retail travel industry, Lynda says she “lives and breathes what goes on at the front line.” She can be reached at lynda.sinclair@visiontravel.ca.

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