Tacos for breakfast at one of Mexico City's street stalls

Beyond the burrito: Top 5 foodie adventures in Mexico

“You had me at ‘Mexico City taco crawl,’” I thought to myself as I scanned the itinerary for Intrepid Travel’s Real Food Adventure in Mexico. But it wasn’t just the tacos. I wanted to go beyond the burrito and find out what ‘real’ Mexican food is all about.

Over the course of 10 days, I got a taste of Mexico with Intrepid’s culinary-focused adventure, where I ate my way through the country’s renowned culinary regions. Here are my top-five foodie adventures with Intrepid:

Tacos for breakfast at one of Mexico City's street stalls

Tacos for breakfast at one of Mexico City’s street stalls.

1) Mexico City

Mexico City’s street food is considered some of the best in the world, where you can sample antojitos (little cravings) at street stalls, taquerias and hole-in-the-wall restos. You’ll find everything from tamales (pockets of corn dough with sweet or savoury fillings, typically eaten for breakfast) to tlacoyos (flattened corn pockets filled with cheese or refried beans, topped with sour cream and coriander). Don’t miss Mexico City’s specialty, tacos al pastor – tender, marinated strips of pork sliced off a spit, served with onion, chopped cilantro and pineapple. During our taco crawl, I managed to scarf down seven of them.

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