“All of our resorts are open for sale”: AMR Collection

“All of our resorts are open for sale”: AMR Collection

AMR Collection is the new master brand of AMResorts, already well-known with travel agents – and their clients – for Secrets Resorts & Spas, Dreams Resorts & Spas, Breathless Resorts & Spas, and Zoëtry Resorts & Spas, Alua Hotels & Resorts and Sunscape Resorts & Spas.


  1. The AMR Collection name may be new to many travel agents, but the resorts are much-loved favourites with the trade – and with travellers! Has AMResorts rebranded as AMR Collection?

“AMR Collection is the new master brand of AMResorts. AMResorts remains the company and business entity while AMR Collection is our new master brand and external representation when promoting the brands and resorts.”


  1. Why did the company take this step in its brand evolution?

“We’ve spent the last 20 years growing our pipeline very aggressively, launching new brands that appeal to different audiences and expanding into Europe with our properties throughout Spain.

“So now, it makes sense that we would want to launch a master brand that [brings together] all our sub-brands as a collection. We’ve never had a master brand or umbrella brand. AMResorts will continue to be the company name; however, the new AMR Collection master brand allows us to go out with a commercial [identity].”

  1. What are the collection tiers that AMR Collection recently introduced, and which resorts are included in each tier?

“AMR Collection introduced four and five-star collection tiers as part of the repositioning to further define the level of luxury of each resort brand and provide guests with multiple entry points for a luxury travel experience. Those tiers include the Five-Star Platinum Collection, which includes Secrets Resorts & Spas, Dreams Resorts & Spas, Breathless Resorts & Spas, and Zoëtry Resorts & Spas, and the Four-Star Gold Collection, which includes Alua Hotels & Resorts and Sunscape Resorts & Spas.”


  1. Have all the AMR Collection resorts reopened, and what are the properties doing to make sure guests have the highest levels of peace of mind during this time?

“All AMR Collection resorts are open for sale. It is important that guests have peace of mind anytime they choose to visit an AMR Collection branded property, and health and safety have always been a top priority. To support this, AMR Collection branded properties have implemented their Clean Complete Verification for new health and safety policies and protocols that begin the moment a guest starts planning a vacation to the time they return home.

“Our goal is to help individuals and groups make informed travel decisions and, given the rapid changes of the past few months, we are committed to changes adapting to the new normal. AMR Collection branded properties employ a 360-degree quality, safety and hygiene system, which takes into account every aspect of resort operations. We will be evolving and innovating our procedures continuously and will share newest developments as they are implemented. Learn more about our commitment to our guests’ well-being here.”


  1. With the rebranding, is there anything different about the AMRewards loyalty program that agents should know?

“AMRewards remains the same, continuing to offer loyalty points to agents for booking an AMR Collection property. Redeem points for many exclusive benefits, including complimentary stay certificates, cash bonus, client gift vouchers and more! Learn more at https://amrewards.amragents.com/.

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