7 ways to get back on track with your September routine

7 ways to get back on track with your September routine

For many September marks the return to routine, the hazy lazy days of summer left in the rearview.

Inboxes are not only full of inquiry but invites to product launches, networking opportunities and events as the travel industry collectively comes together to inform advisors about the latest promotions, updates, product knowledge and acquisitions for them to share with eager travellers. The travel industry is preparing for what is historically the busiest time of year for bookings.

After two restricted winter seasons, demand is back in full force. Independent by Flight Centre recently hosted two successful roadshows for our Independent Advisors in Edmonton and Vancouver, with more to come later this fall in Toronto andHalifax.

The chance to meet in person again is an incredible feeling, with our suppliers and advisors taking the time to express their excitement for the opportunity along with their optimism for the upcoming season.

It can be an adjustment getting ‘back on track’ so here are a few suggestions to help you fall back into your routine as the busy season ramps up!

  • Prioritize yourself! Block your calendar for lunch every day and make sure you use that time to get up, walk away from your desk and take a break! Even if you don’t eat during that time go for a quick walk or grab a drink of water.
  • School break schedules are out. Take the time to review the ones in your area. You can time your marketing and social media posts to promote booking early for a family getaway, and create long weekend getaway packages in conjunction with PA Days, etc.
  • Be selective with your commitments. Choose the launches, trainings and industry events you feel best tie in with your business plan and will have the most direct impact on increasing your sales.
  • Utilize an appointment booking tool and encourage your clients to use it. This ensures you can give them your dedicated attention and as a bonus will help you schedule your week. You can also block out times you have dedicated to attending webinars or in person events.
  • Give your home office a quick organizational update. Get rid of any outdated or irrelevant material and check to see if there have been any updates to BDMs or priority numbers with your preferred suppliers. Ensuring all the items you have at hand are current and relevant to your workday will help your day be a productive one.
  • Purge your inbox! This one can seem daunting so if needed tackle it over a few days. Take an hour each day and go through your emails. File those that have been actioned and delete the ones you no longer need. Are you receiving emails that are no longer relevant to your business? Unsubscribe!
  • Set Goals. Nothing gets you back into that work mindset quicker than having a goal to work toward. It doesn’t have to be long term or overly ambitious. Start off small and manageable and enjoy that feeling of accomplishment once you reach it!

Hopefully, these strategies can help ease your transition back into a comfortable routine as we prepare for a busy booking season. And don’t forget that the best way to make the transition as painless as possible is to ensure you already have another vacation booked!

Heather Baker

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