7 excuses to get in touch with your clients

7 excuses to get in touch with your clients

7 excuses to get in touch with your clients

We’ve all been ‘marketed to’ – so you don’t need me to tell you it can be a very unpleasant experience. (Does anyone actually welcome those unsolicited political party phone calls at election time?)

Your relationship with your clients can be a fragile one. And you can be sure that they are regularly targeted by a competitor or tempted to book online.

Yet you don’t want to harass them to the point of putting them off. The right balance? Here are seven legitimate ways to stay in touch without sounding pushy:

1) It’s their birthday. Who doesn’t like getting a birthday card?

2) It’s their wedding anniversary. Ditto.

3) Their passport is up for renewal. Chances are, like a lot of Canadians, you clients stick their passports in a drawer ‘until next time’. Are they aware that a growing number of countries mandate that a passport must be valid for six months after their trip has been completed? You certainly are – and you’ll be doing a welcome service to give them a heads up.

4) You’re travelling and want to let them know you are thinking of them with an e-mail, postcard, tweet or Facebook posting.

5) They’ve just returned from a trip. A ‘welcome home’ voicemail will show you care about them and would love to hear from them. Shows you provide first-class service … and as a bonus, you get to increase your product knowledge!

6) ‘Thought this might interest you!’ Attach an article, a clip, a book review about a destination or travel style you know intrigues them. You’ll come across as thoughtful and considerate – not pushy.

7) The ‘haven’t heard from you in a while’ message may be very soft-sell but also shows they are still on your radar.

Soft-sell can work really well in our business. It needn’t be expensive and will help a whole lot in client retention.

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