6 tips for selling to the rich

6 tips for selling to the rich

6 tips for selling to the rich

When American author F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote that the rich “are different from you and me”, he wasn’t kidding. Unless you have a multi-million dollar home, a couple of villas and drive high-end cars (or are chauffeured around), you and I are definitely different from the rich.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t sell to the rich and make a handsome income doing so. After all, who is going to spend more on a vacation than the wealthy? Or recommend you to their equally-wealthy friends? Your experience for top notch service, ability to VIP them and add various goodies to make their global travels exceptional will become the topic of conversation at the next cocktail party.

You just have to know how to approach it.

Here are six great tips for selling to the rich:

Go where the rich are

1. Go where the rich are

Stay in a five-star resort. Join an upscale club. Read the high-end magazines, many of which have travel content. Fly in business class. You must meet them on their turf. Yes, this will entail investing time and money (on clothes too) but the fanciest website in the world can’t replace personal contact with this group. And, if I can suggest, if you’re not certain what to do with a fish fork, it might be time to brush up on your etiquette.

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