Friday December 13, 2019
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color for Eat your fears: NC restaurant serving limited-time tarantula burgers


Eat your fears: NC restaurant serving limited-time tarantula burgers

Waiter, quick, there’s a tarantula in my burger!
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New York dealing with flash floods and the videos are unreal

The month of April usually brings a few spring showers, but we doubt the epic rainstorm that fell in New York yesterday was what locals had in mind.
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Possible UFO spotted over Arizona by two pilots

This may very well be one time when it’s not a bird or a plane, but something not of this world.
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This is where Mile-High Club members are doing the deed on planes

Next time you board a plane, you may want to consider bringing an extra cleaning cloth or two.
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Sign of the Apocalypse? Orange snow falls in Russia

Orange snow has fallen in parts of eastern Europe after a rare meeting of Siberia and the Sahara.
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This video of a renegade suitcase racing down the runway will be the funniest thing you’ll see all day

A rogue piece of luggage went off the rails recently at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, evading grounds crew and seemingly defying physics when it spun out of control down the runway.
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Did Air India really cancel all its flights?

For the 147,000 people following Air India on Twitter, Thursday morning started with some serious drama.
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Piranhas and crocs are nothing compared to what lurks at the bottom of this Minnesota lake

There are pranks that make you laugh out loud, and then there are those that give you a full-out heart attack.
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Caught on video: Drunk passenger throwing it down on airport tarmac

Yesterday we told you about a male passenger who jumped ship from a United Airlines flight after mistakenly thinking he was on the wrong plane.
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This man thought he was on the wrong plane, then does this

Among the many tales of “Stupid people doing stupid things”, a 25-year-old male passenger onboard a United Airlines flight may have just taken the cake.
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Who would have thought, heading into 2020, that storefronts would be having a moment
No one’s calling it the resurgence of the storefront - yet. In the travel industry, the migration to...
Iberostar reopens popular DR hotel, will launch Coral Level next week
MIAMI — Iberostar Hotels & Resorts has announced the reopening of a beloved property and the opening of a brand new...
Poll suggests travellers know little about air passenger rights
New polling results suggest many people boarding flights this holiday season don't know about the Liberal government's...
Special savings at newly renovated Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa
Winter-weary clients eager for a getaway can save up to 35% at the newly-renovated Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort &...
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