Saturday June 15, 2019
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color for Aviation regulators and airlines to meet today over 737 MAX outcome


Aviation regulators and airlines to meet today over 737 MAX outcome

MONTREAL — Many of the world’s top aviation executives will attend two separate meetings today to discuss the fate of Boeing’s 737 MAX aircraft. Airline representatives, including those from Air Canada, American Airlines and United Airlines, will be convening in Montreal for a private meeting with the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Of IATA’s 290 […]
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FAA chief faces questioning over Boeing 737 Max airliner

With Congress stepping up its investigation into the troubled Boeing 737 Max airliner and how it passed regulatory safety checks, the head of the Federal Aviation Administration will appear before a House aviation panel.
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FAA orders fan blade inspections after Southwest explosion

U.S. airline regulators have ordered inspections on engine fan blades like the one that snapped off a Southwest Airlines plane, leading to the death of a woman who was partially blown out a window.
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FAA changes San Francisco landing rules after close call

Federal officials have issued new rules for nighttime landings and control-tower staffing at San Francisco International Airport after an Air Canada jet nearly struck planes on the ground last month.
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Airline seat size is a safety issue says U.S. court

An appeals court panel says federal officials should reconsider whether to regulate the size of airline seats in the name of safety.
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Airlines no longer required to issue warning about Samsung Galaxy

The FAA has announced that U.S. airlines are no longer required to make a pre-boarding notification to passengers about the prohibition of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 on aircraft.
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FAA warns airline passengers not to use exploding smartphone

U.S. aviation safety officials took the extraordinary step late Thursday of warning airline passengers not to turn on or charge a new-model Samsung smartphone during flights following numerous reports of the devices catching fire.
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FAA reveals pilots are flying drunk and committing crimes

Would you board a plane knowing that the pilot moonlighted as a pimp? Or would you prefer to not know at all?
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U.S. congressman proposes minimum size requirements on airplane seats

So, are passengers getting bigger or airplane seats getting smaller? According to one U.S. lawmaker, it’s definitely the seats.
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Drunk pilot charged after flying Alaska Airlines jet

A Newport Beach pilot has been arrested and charged with flying an Alaska Airlines jet full of passengers while under the influence of alcohol.
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Lufthansa’s Canadian ties strengthened through collaboration with the trade
Lufthansa has been upgrading its Canadian routes with A350s now flying from Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal....
Sam Youssef promoted to VP, Integrated Marketing at Red Label
Red Label Vacations Inc. (RLV) has promoted Sam Youssef to Vice President, Integrated Marketing, effective immediately.
Forget the exclusivity, says Group Mach, we’ll bid for Transat anyway
Transat passengers re-routed from Santa Clara to Jardines del Rey
Transat said that while it was aware of Group Mach’s interest in the company, it hadn’t received a proposal. Now...
Canada’s Cabot to build resort, golf course on Saint Lucia
Cabot, Canada’s premier luxury golf resort and residential community, says it plans to develop, manage and operate a...
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