Saturday October 19, 2019
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color for Destination Canada unveils brand evolution at annual Rendez-vous Canada


Destination Canada unveils brand evolution at annual Rendez-vous Canada

Rendez-vous Canada (RVC), Canada’s signature international tourism marketplace, is in full swing in Toronto with over 1,900 attendees and 580 travel sellers from across the country in attendance.
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U.S. Canada border transfers raise fear of delayed crossings

Hundreds of border agents from across the U.S. are being temporarily transferred south ahead of the busy summer tourism season, worrying those along the northern border who fear Canadians could be caught in backups at border crossings.
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U.S. network misses the mark on Banff map by 3,000 miles

Where in the world is Banff National Park? Turns out it’s right next to Ottawa, says an American news station.
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Garneau calls for flight simulators before Max 8s can return to Canadian skies

Transport Minister Marc Garneau says airlines hoping to fly the Boeing 737 Max 8 in Canadian airspace must first train their pilots using a flight simulator.
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Switzerland overnights from Canada hit a 25-year high

Switzerland Tourism has lots to celebrate with a 9.4% increase in overnights by Canadians, for a total of 270,959, one of the country’s best performances from Canada in more than two decades.
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Canadian travellers safe after witnessing kidnapping of American tourist in Uganda

An elderly Canadian couple came face-to-face with armed gunmen while on safari in Uganda this week, but managed to escape unharmed.
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Luxury retail network Virtuoso’s sharpening its focus on the Canadian market

Virtuoso’s Canadian footprint has expanded to more than 2,200 advisors, up 18% since 2017, with year-over-year sales growth pegged at 26% for a total of US$2.1 billion.
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European, Canadian regulators to do own review of Boeing jet

Boeing's grounded airliners are likely to be parked longer now that European and Canadian regulators plan to conduct their own reviews of changes the company is making after two of the jets crashed.
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Visa-free entry to Brazil for Canadian citizens starting June 17

Starting June 17 Brazil will allow visa-free entry to the country for citizens of Canada, the U.S., Australia and Japan.
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Canada grounds Boeing 737 Max 8s and closes Canada’s airspace to the aircraft

Effective immediately Transport Minister Marc Garneau has ordered the grounding of all Boeing 737 Max 8 airplanes in Canada, and has closed Canada’s airspace to the aircraft.
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“100% committed to travel agents” and why the GDS booking fee was a success: Lufthansa
Lufthansa Group is moving ahead with plans for increasingly customized seating and cabins in its new 777Xs, and at the...
U.S. consumer media outlet says it has a D.R. update
U.S. consumer media outlet says it has a D.R. update
At least one report coming out of the U.S. suggests that the eight American tourist deaths in the D.R. were due to...
Marriott makes headway into all-inclusive market with Elegant acquisition
Marriott makes headway into all-inclusive market with acquisition of Elegant Hotels
Marriott International is buying Elegant Hotels Group in a cash agreement valued at US$130.1 million, further cementing...
“Live in the moment”: How PONANT differs from other cruise lines
You can argue that the one and only downside to PONANT is the fact that its in-cabin Nespresso machines aren’t...
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