Thursday June 27, 2019
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color for Airbnb Adventures makes its debut with multi-day packages


Airbnb Adventures makes its debut with multi-day packages

Airbnb has expanded its Airbnb Experiences day trip offering with Airbnb Adventures, where hosts put together multi-day packages that combine touring and sightseeing with accommodation.
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Turnabout is fair play: Marriott ready to take on Airbnb

Marriott, the world’s biggest hotel company, will soon start taking reservations through its website for 2,000 homes in 100 markets in the U.S., Europe and Latin America.
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Airbnb names Fred Reid head of transportation

Home-sharing company Airbnb has hired veteran aviation executive Fred Reid to explore future partnerships with airlines and other providers.
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Big Island officials pass bill regulating vacation rentals

Big Island officials have passed a bill prohibiting short-term vacation rentals in residential and agricultural zones.
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This yurt is wearing a parka just like yours, now you can book a stay in it

Staying in a yurt is no longer a novelty for Canadians. But staying in one that’s been outfitted in a parka? Now that’s something to talk about.
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Say what? Airbnb tells federal government, ‘We want to be regulated’

Airbnb is asking the Trudeau Liberals to create a regulatory regime for the burgeoning industry – something its critics have long advocated and raising pressure on the government to set rules in the market.
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Airbnb seeing growth in business travel

Business travellers are increasingly booking stays through Airbnb and other home-sharing sites.
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Vivo Resorts: “All the benefits of Airbnb but with commissions”

Most people compare Vivo Resorts, a gated community in Puerto Escondido, Mexico of luxury condos and private homes, to Airbnb. But Vivo offers one thing the popular online marketplace does not: commissions to travel agents.
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It’s a great time to be in the hotel industry – even with Airbnb

How much have booking patterns changed over the years? When Best Western’s Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Dorothy Dowling, started her career, the average booking lead time was nine months. Now? It’s 45 days.
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With entire home rentals now 83% of Airbnb’s revenues, it’s tax time, says HAC

The Canadian government hasn’t taken steps to collect the taxes they should from digital platforms like Airbnb, and the inaction has to stop, says the Hotel Association of Canada.
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“It’s not just good policy, it’s good business”: TICO talks strategy at AGM
“We must become easier to work with” was the key message at TICO’s Annual General Meeting yesterday, which...
Globus family of brands names new Director of Marketing
Chris Jones is set to take the reins as the Globus family of brands’ new Director of Marketing.
Here are the steps Hard Rock Punta Cana is taking to alleviate concerns
Sometimes it’s not the crisis itself, but how the crisis is handled, that has the most impact.
Books open for MSC Seashore’s inaugural season
GENEVA — MSC Cruises has opened the books on MSC Seashore’s inaugural season in the Western Mediterranean.
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