Tuesday May 21, 2019
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TICO suspends registration of Toronto’s Millennium Leisure Travels

TICO suspends registration of Toronto’s Millennium Leisure Travels

Thursday, September 20, 2018

TORONTO — Consumers have been advised not to purchase travel services from Toronto-based Millennium Leisure Travels Inc., whose registration has been temporarily suspended by TICO.

As per a notice posted on its website, TICO made the move after having grounds to believe that the company contravenes the Travel Industry Act, 2002, or the terms of its registration. Clients are advised not to purchase services from Millennium Leisure Travels while its registration with TICO is suspended.

As soon as the status of the suspension is either lifted or the registration is revoked, TICO will advise the public with an update on its website.

According to TICO, Millennium Leisure Travels has the right of appeal to the Licence Appeal Tribunal, which will then determine whether the registration should be revoked or the suspension lifted, or continued to a hearing date.

The suspension does not necessarily mean that Millennium’s registration with TICO will be revoked; it simply means that it has been ordered to stop its operations for a determined period of time.

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During its suspension, Millennium will be allowed to finalize bookings paid in full prior to the suspension, but is prohibited from accepting new bookings.

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