interCaribbean Airways boosts regional connectivity through Turks

interCaribbean Airways boosts regional connectivity through Turks

PROVIDENCIALES — With its new enhanced winter timetable, interCaribbean Airways boosts regional connectivity and convenience via its growing hub at Providenciales in the Turks & Caicos.

“Both the passenger’s connecting experience at Providenciales, and the flight connecting schedules are now much improved” explains CEO, Trevor Sadler.

Connecting passengers will be able to bypass immigration, proceeding directly through international security screening and into to the departures lounge with the “via Provo” connection program.

“We can now focus on the needs of travelers in the region, implementing the Turks & Caicos Premiers bold “Hub of the Caribbean vision” says interCaribbean Chairman Lyndon Gardiner, adding that good air service is crucial and integral to business location decisions.

Effective November 14th, interCaribbean will operate these services to/from the Providenciales hub:

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico, 4x weekly
  • Santiago DR, 4x weekly
  • Santo Domingo, DR, 4x weekly
  • Puerto Plata, DR, 3x weekly
  • Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 4x weekly
  • Cap Haitian, Haiti, daily
  • Santiago, Cuba, 3x weekly
  • Kingston, and Montego Bay, Jamaica, daily
  • Nassau, Bahamas, 6x weekly
  • Havana, Cuba 2x weekly
  • Tortola, BVI, 4x weekly via San Juan onward to Antigua

Connections link the above cities via an approximately 45-minute transit in Providenciales.

Turks & Caicos isn’t the first small territory to energetically position itself as a connecting hub, look at Antigua, Panama, Iceland, Dubai, Singapore and other such “mice that roared,” notes Gardiner.

Inter-island travel difficulty has been documented and lamented by countless economists, executives, development experts, politicians, NGOs and others. Caribbean islands near each other have been mutually accessible only through extraordinarily circuitous and expensive airline routings via distant hubs. “We are changing this, with huge passenger savings in time, comfort and trip expense,” says Gardiner.