Sunday February 23, 2020
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Flight attendant gets fired after saying ‘yes’ to in-flight wedding proposal

Flight attendant gets fired after saying ‘yes’ to in-flight wedding proposal

Friday, September 14, 2018

SHANGHAI — Love is officially dead, and an airline may be to blame.

As reported on, a Chinese Eastern Airlines flight attendant, 26-year-old Jiao, was given the surprise of her life last May when her boyfriend of four years proposed to her onboard a flight from Xi’an to Yichuan. Captured on video, the young man is seen on bended knee in the middle of the aisle, holding out a diamond ring.

Jiao, obviously, said yes. Cue the applause and the tears. And then the boyfriend – now fiancé – adorably bowed toward the cabin before awkwardly embracing and kissing his beloved.

Sweet, right? And super romantic. Only China Eastern Airlines doesn’t think so.

Asia One has reported that Jiao was recently fired by the airline, which considered the whole proposal irresponsible behaviour and a security threat to all those onboard.

Reactions in China have been mixed, with some defending Jiao (after all, how could she have known in advance of the proposal?), while others saying her boyfriend should’ve waited until the plane landed and kept their personal relationship on private mode.

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What do you think? Is there no place for love while in the air?

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