Monday May 21, 2018
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Calgary man able to say goodbye to dying sister thanks to the kindness of...

Calgary man able to say goodbye to dying sister thanks to the kindness of WestJet employee

Friday, August 11, 2017

CALGARY — A WestJet employee has gone above and beyond to help a man visit his dying sister.

According to the CBC, Andrew Bechamp of Calgary couldn’t afford to visit his ill sister who lives in Ottawa, so his friend, Kellie Martin, stepped in and reached out to WestJet to see if the airline would offer him a discount.

What Bechamp received in return was far more than what he could ever imagine. An employee named Susan Smith happily offered Bechamp two of her ‘buddy passes’ – discounted tickets for WestJet employees’ family and friends – so he could properly say goodbye to his beloved sister.

Bechamp booked a flight out to Ottawa that same week where he was able to spend time with his sister. He has since returned to Calgary and told CBC he is “very thankful” for the chance to see her in hospital. His sister has returned home where she’ll spend her final days.

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Touched by Smith’s act of kindness, Bechamp has reached out to her via email to extend a dinner invitation, should she’s ever in the Calgary area.

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