Tuesday April 24, 2018
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Q&A with agent@home Transat Travel member Anita Stephens

Monday, March 20, 2017

agent@home Transat Travel

agent@home Transat Travel launched early last year as a major revamp of the previous TDC program. As Canada’s largest retail network, it offers a full suite of industry leading programs, relationships with 60+ preferred suppliers, best in class training, conferences, gift cards, and incentive programs.

It’s also the exclusive travel retail sponsor of Air Miles Reward Program, the country’s most popular loyalty program. This means the ability to issue and redeem AIR MILES® and take full advantage of the network services while enjoying extremely competitive compensation levels.

So almost a year after the launch, how is it working for the Transat Travel professionals? One of the Transat Travel professionals, Anita Stephens has been with the program for over nine months and shares her story:

Q. Why did you decide to make the career move to agent@home Transat Travel?

A. I was the owner of a small rural agency in Southwestern Ontario for nine years. I loved my work and I had built a loyal clientele, however, overhead kept growing and commissions did not. After keeping a tally of walk-in business vs. phone and email business, and examining where the bulk of income was coming from (i.e. my loyal clients) it became clear that the Transat Travel agent@home program was a solution that would work for me. Now that I’ve been a part of the program for over nine months, I can definitely say it was the right choice!

Q. What are the advantages of being an agent@home with Transat Travel?

A. Transat is a well-known and respected brand with strong marketing programs and campaigns. They dedicate a lot of time to training and learning programs such as Sales, Cruise, and Destination Wedding Academies, allowing us to become specialist in those fields. I also have access to their preferred suppliers and the AirMiles program, which is a big deal. Being a part of the A@H program, I am now part of a team and a support network.

Q. How has the shift to agent@home Transat Travel given you more work/life balance?

A. It has given me flexibility! This was my full-time career and I dedicate full time hours to it, however, I get to choose the hours. This allows me to take care of my family, attend my children’s school functions and be at home with an ill child. I love the fact that I am now mobile and can work from virtually anywhere, whether it be a sunny beach or a cruise ship, and no one knows the difference!

For more information, go to transatagentathome.com.

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