Sunday October 20, 2019
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Experience the Canadian Rockies in luxury

Monday, January 15, 2018

Rocky Mountaineer

The Canadian Rockies are known to many as a must-do vacation thanks to the awe-inspiring vistas that showcase nature’s most beautiful aspects of sparkling lakes, snowy mountains, and local wildlife at every turn.

Rocky Mountaineer, the luxury tourist train operating in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest, is the best way to see all this part of the world has to offer. The train takes you on a journey alongside rivers, through quaint mountain towns, and within arms-reach of stunning, snowcapped mountains. Along the way, you may even get a glimpse of fleeting wildlife including moose, elk, bighorn sheep, bears, and soaring eagles.

The experience onboard the all-dome fleet features rich, historic storytelling, world-class cuisine, and a first-hand look at lush green forests and turquoise glacier-fed lakes, all from the comfort of reclining plush seats. With four unique routes to choose from, the unforgettable all-daylight journeys offer romance and history, reminding you that travelling is as much about the journey as it is about the destination.

Rocky Mountaineer

Rocky Mountaineer

The moment you arrive at the train station to start your journey, Rocky Mountaineer’s exuberant team is there to celebrate with you. A literal red carpet is rolled out to welcome you as you board the train to scent of freshly baked scones served straight from the oven. As the train pulls out of the station, the onboard hosts start the journey with a morning toast, before sharing stories of the history, nature and excitement that surrounds the train throughout the day. There’s an immediate comradery that is almost palpable from the onboard hosts and your fellow travellers as you embark on your journey together.

While nature’s wonders unfold out the windows, you have the opportunity to truly unwind. Whether with a glass of sauvignon blanc in the comfort of the domed car, or on the outdoor viewing platform inhaling the fresh mountain air, Rocky Mountaineer provide a chance to fully relax into the sumptuous surroundings. With a selection of breakfasts and three-course lunches, the onboard culinary service gives you a taste of the unique flavours of the passing regions. Each route offers exceptional cuisine, punctuated by a wine and cheese service in the afternoon to round out the culinary delights.

Rocky Mountaineer
Rocky Mountaineer

The stunning scenery with endless views are enough to keep you enthralled, but beyond that, there’s the chance to make new friends and connect with your travelling companions as you take in this memorable trip of a lifetime. A journey through the Canadian Rockies with Rocky Mountaineer is a feast for the senses and an unparalleled experience that should be on every traveller’s must-do list.

Book a qualifying Rocky Mountaineer package for you client before 2 March, and receive up to $600 in added value.

This post was brought to you by Rocky Mountaineer:

Rocky Mountaineer

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