Monday December 11, 2017
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All posts by Kathryn Folliott

Kathryn is Managing Editor at Travelweek and has worked for the company since 1995. She has travelled to more than 50 countries and counts Hong Kong, Jerusalem, the Swiss Alps and the Galapagos Islands among her favourite destinations.

With Canvin as VP and a new 2018 campaign, Goway’s going big into Europe

Goway’s push to aggressively grow its Europe sales will get a big boost this January with a major new campaign targeting spring and summer 2018.
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An agent’s survival guide for Black Friday: sales strategies and opportunities

Heading into high season for winter getaways, and with spring and summer vacations on the horizon, Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions are well-timed for the travel industry.
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Why Xavier Mufraggi can’t wait for agents to start selling Club Med Le Massif

For travel agents the new $120 million Club Med Le Massif in Charlevoix, Quebec will be a boon to any agent looking to break into the ski market.
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“The demand is still there”: Transat talks about its resort plans

Even if the 2017 hurricane season delivers more blows – and this year is already one for the books, with Harvey, Irma and Maria and now potentially Nate in quick succession – it would take more than a few storms to deter Transat from its plans to develop its own resort chain.
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It’s an agency and also a sales theatre: FC’s Travel Centre opens

It got its start as a leisure retail brand but in 2004 it launched FCM Travel Solutions and now Flight Centre has stepped up its aggressive...
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Hurricanes have travel agents proving their value all over again

Not only are travel agents now re-booking travellers in the wake of Irma and Maria, during the height of hurricane season they were pulling off near-miracles to help their clients – and sometimes, complete strangers.
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Why are Canadian travel agents so important? Here’s one reason: Canadian travel habits

Canadian vacationers and their travel habits are still tailor-made for travel agents in an age when U.S. and European travel markets are embracing the book-it-yourself short getaway trend.
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Are Marriott, Hilton handing Airbnb for Business bookings on a platter?

Airbnb for Business, is ramping up exponentially, while booking and cancellation flexibility are increasingly must-have trip requirements for time-pressed business travellers, are the biggest hotel chains in the world shooting themselves in the foot?
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The unlikely alliance between agents, OTAs as Expedia TAAP reaches 15,000 mark in Canada

Flashback to 1996: Travel agencies are still reeling from the first wave of airline commission caps a year earlier.
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Taking the plunge at Volcano Bay: On location at Universal Orlando’s brand new theme park

You can build a 200-foot volcano from the ground up and you can transform central Florida into the serene South Pacific but you can’t rein in Mother Nature.
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