The Independent Travel Consultants Italy — TTC Tour Brands

The first-ever, multi-brand trip exclusively for independent travel advisors will depart March 24-30, 2023 and showcase the range of offerings across Trafalgar, Costsaver, Insight Vacations and Contiki. This fam will focus on educating advisors on how to grow their independent travel agencies with TTC Tour Brands. Highlights include a ‘Make Travel Matter’ experience in Perugia with a visit to an artisanal workshop to learn about the art of loom-weaving textiles, and a visit to a traditional arts centre in Venice to learn about the art of glassblowing. In Rome and Florence, advisors will also take pasta and risotto cooking classes similar to what one would experience on a Contiki and Trafalgar ‘Be My Guest’ dinner in Tuscany. In Venice, they’ll cruise the Venetian lagoon to Burano and enjoy an Insight Celebration Dinner with local wines.

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