Monday November 18, 2019
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Watch this kangaroo duke it out with unsuspecting paraglider

Monday, March 11, 2019

CANBERRA — Don’t let the pep in their step fool you – even kangaroos have a bad day every once in a while.

Paraglider Jonathan Bishop learned first-hand just how grumpy the marsupial can be when he was attacked by one in Mamadgi National Park, just outside Canberra, Australia.

Upon landing, he was immediately met by a kangaroo hopping across the landing pad at mach-10 speeds. Bishop, who thought at first the ‘roo was friendly, greeted it with a friendly, “Hey, what’s up, Skip?”

Skip wasn’t having it, however, and responded with a mean right hook, followed by an aggressive shove.

And then, as quickly as it arrived on the scene, Skippy hopped away, barely giving Bishop a second thought.

Kangaroos, not as cute and cuddly as we all thought!

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