Thursday April 25, 2019
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OHIP travel insurance “may be giving people a false sense of security”

Even if the Ontario government does follow through on a proposal to cut OHIP’s Out-of-Country Travellers Program, that doesn’t change the fact that OHIP travel insurance coverage is already minimal and clients should be advised about the benefits of purchasing additional travel insurance no matter what happens, says Dan Keon, Vice President, Market Management, Allianz Global Assistance Canada.
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Attendance at TPI’s Summit events at an all-time high

TORONTO — Attendance at TPI – Travel Professionals International’s annual cross-country Summit events was at an all-time high this year with 350+ TPI advisors taking part. TPI CEO Zeina Gedeon along with Director of Sales Christine Winchester and Director of Marketing Caroline Hay travelled across the country as part of the Summit series, to deliver […]
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Charged and convicted: Yves Gildas Emolo Morrison

After being charged by TICO, Yves Gildas Emolo Morrison has been convicted of one count of operating as a travel agent without registration, contrary to the Travel Industry Act, 2002.
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Prizes for booking Club Med with SIREV include chance to win a fam spot

Club Med has launched a new incentive program to reward travel professionals for booking all-inclusive packages to Club Med on the SIREV platform.
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“You own the business so you make the decisions on what you sell”: Special series #4

For any agency owner contemplating a move to a host agency, misconceptions about the loss of their brand and giving up control causes the most concern. For owners weighing the pros and cons of selling their agency, the biggest worry is for the employment and wellbeing of their staff.
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“ACTA prides itself on equality, integrity and respect”: Hiebert

ACTA says there “is not and never will be” exclusivity in its new Consortium Partner program, and says any statements claiming so “were not accurate or approved by ACTA”. 
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ACTA wants to shed light on its Virtuoso partnership

ACTA has issued a new statement in the wake of its new consortium partnership with Virtuoso.
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As the cost of doing business climbs, host agencies, retail groups say they have options

It’s one thing to know that owning and operating a travel agency comes with significant financial responsibilities. It’s another to see many of those costs itemized in black and white.
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As of 2021 Europe-bound clients will need to apply online for a visa waiver and pay a fee

Any time a country or region imposes any sort of visa stipulation - even if it’s a waiver - the travel industry sighs a collective groan, knowing the obstacles and headaches to come.
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Dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s on your client’s credit card travel insurance coverage

It’s an old tune by now, one that many travel agents have already heard. Clients will book a vacation with them and then decline travel insurance, claiming they are already covered by their credit cards. But are they really? Have your clients read their recent certificate of insurance to be sure?
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