Thursday April 25, 2019
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You’ll laugh out loud over these two gorillas posing for a selfie

You know you’re taking too many selfies when gorillas start imitating your poses.
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Transat, Globus get a jump on Travel Agent Day with brand new contests

Travel Agent Day is just around the corner, a day when the travel industry celebrates all the work, dedication and loyalty of its front-line travel agent partners.
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“They need to go where the bucks are”: Agents on ACTA partnership

The original announcement about ACTA’s new Consortium Partnership with Virtuoso was a complete bungle, and a misunderstanding that the deal was ‘exclusive’ (it wasn’t) initially drew howls of outrage.
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Stunning or stupid? Travelling couple’s Instagram photo causes outrage

You gotta do what you gotta do to get those likes on Instagram, but even if it means risking certain death?
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Travcom teams up with ACCEL PCI to help agencies become PCI compliant

Travcom Canada, which provides accounting and CRM applications to Canadian travel agencies, is partnering with ACCEL PCI to enhance its accounting and management solutions.
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Do you even know what Wi-Fi stands for?

It’s constantly around us, even while we travel. At hotels, on motorcoaches, and even in the air 30,000 feet up. Wi-Fi has become a travel necessity in today’s highly-connected world, but what does it even mean?
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World Animal Protection leading crusade to protect animals from tourism

World Animal Protection, which has been featured on CTV and Canadian Geographic, is an organization that’s trying to put an end to unethical wildlife tourism.
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Diana? Alice? Elizabeth? Britons bet on new royal baby name

Interest surrounding the romance and wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, has been a boon for Britain tourism - and that’s ramped up exponentially with the impending arrival of the couple’s first child.
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Travelweek names Duval as General Manager, Profession Voyages

Travelweek is pleased to announce the appointment of Gwendoline Duval as General Manager of its French-language publication Profession Voyages.
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Someone put a pen on the floor of a national gallery and everyone thought it was art

Art can be many things to many people. It can be a rare Picasso, a beautiful dance routine or, as one prankster has proven, a simple pen on the floor of an art gallery.
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