Airbnb, Aruba Tourism Authority sign tourism agreement

Airbnb, Aruba Tourism Authority sign tourism agreement

ORANJESTAD — The new agreement signed by the Aruba Tourism Authority and Airbnb – a first in the Caribbean region –will position Aruba as a regional leader in the sharing economy and help to promote more tourism to the island, says the ATA.

It will also create a framework to allow the Aruba Tourism Authority and Airbnb to address the issue of taxes, host accommodation standards and regulations and ensure that it is in line with Aruba’s tourism policy.

“As the number two most tourism-reliant nation in the world, Aruba’s continued growth relies on having a healthy balance of on-island accommodations, offering a quality of experience to our visitors, ensuring that we meet consumer expectations and demands, and making sure the benefits of the sharing economy are beneficial for the industry, community and island as a whole,” said Aruba Tourism Authority CEO Ronella Tjin Asjoe-Croes.

“Aruba embraces the shared economy and is eager to formalize the first partnership in our region with Airbnb. Together as industry leaders, we will add value to authentic travel experiences while ensuring this on-island development is managed successfully.”

In this way the ATA will ensure “fair competition between all on-island accommodations providers”, she added.

Airbnb’s presence within the island’s tourism industry is rapidly growing. In the past year Airbnb hosts in Aruba received 13,000 guests from around the world. Hosts in Aruba typically earn US$4,400 a year. Currently there are 1,360 Airbnb listings across the island.